A Little Understanding

Judge not what you have no desire to understand



Welcome to my page. This site was designed to help people get to know and understand the Daddy Dom /little girl relationship. There is so much stigma out there about this type of relationship and the purpose of this site it to try to clear the air.


I am Cassi. I am an Australian girl. I am an adult and I'd never claim to be anything else. For littles like me, the desire to let your inner child run free is overpowering. It takes you over, makes you want to throw your adult cares away. Makes you crave the loving father-like protection of a strong, caring Dom who loves and cherishes you. A little's Daddy is not her father, role play or real. He is her partner, her love, her Dom. 


On this site I hope to show you my idea of this relationship. Please remember that there are exceptions to every rule, and everybody within this lifestyle will have a slightly different perspective. This is my perspective.


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